The mission of nutraMetrix is to provide patients and clients with a better way to achieve optimal health. Through revolutionary technology, science-based nutritionl interventions and the power of people, nutraMetrix is changing the face of health care one professional and one patient at a time.

nutraMetrix® Consultant Training Class
Guest Speakers:
Brandi Murphy, Dr. Deedra Mason, Reed Prescott, and other Guest Faculty

nutraMetrix Training is a 3-day intensive training that provides prospective NCs with the tools necessary to help successfully implement nutraMetrix into health professional practices. NC training covers why health professionals need wellness programs, what to look for when choosing nutraceuticals, and detailed information on nutraMetrix products and services; including targeted health regimens, the Transitions® Lifestyle System, and much more. NCs will learn how to approach health professionals and help them achieve their business goals while improving the health of their patients.

Friday morning Registration- 7:30am to 9:00am
Friday Training: 9:00am to 6:00pm (meet and greet Social 6:00pm to 8:00pm)
Saturday Training: 9:00am to 6:00pm
Sunday Training: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm (Delicious Lunch is provided for you)

Seat reservations ($395 per seat) can not be transferred to other dates or locations.

Extreme emergencies will be evaluated on a case by case basis only.
Tickets are non-refundable.
Your name badge must be worn at all times to enter in and out of the training room and for Sunday's luncheon-
The entire three (3) days attendance is required for NC status.

If you leave before training ends, you may be required to retake 
NC training. Please see onsite staff for any emergencies regarding early dismissal from training.
A video, picture taking or audio recordings of the NC training are not allowed.
Attire is business casual- no jeans, shorts, sneakers, workout attire, or baseball caps.

Please call Amora @ 317.457.0594 concerning dates and locations for your nutraMetrix® Consultant Training Class


Health Professionals

Patients today are looking for quality of life and wellness approaches. Fast-paced lifestyles are leading to an array of poor dietary choices and chronically stressful lives. Today's society is filled with people who are overfed and undernourished. They are not seeking advice, but solutions to their health issues and concerns.