[Blood Glucose Maintenance]
Blood Glucose Maintenance

This regimen was carefully designed to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Continuously high blood sugar levels may lead to poor circulation, weight gain and other health concerns. Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is important for individuals who want to optimize their overall health and support a healthy weight.

nutraMetrix Blood Sugar Maintenance
nutraMetrix Isochrome
NutriClean™ Advanced Fiber Powder

nutraMetrix Blood Sugar Maintenance

Promotes healthy blood sugar levels
Influences the release and activity of insulin
Prevents cellular damage
Promotes weight loss
Reduces sugar cravings

nutraMetrix Isochrome

Helps maintain cardiovascular health
Helps increase energy and stamina
Assists in weight management
Promotes healthy blood sugar levels

NutriClean Advanced Fiber Powder

Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels
Promotes digestive health
Helps maintain bowel regularity

Optimal results when combined with the nutraMetrix Foundations of Optimal Health regimen